C & S #70: Archie Yobegan

Dear, sweet Archie. Unlike most who use the term, he actually is a nice guy. He gets along with most everyone, is thoughtful, knows how to give comfort, and is just generally adorable. The poor guy also suffers from acute anxiety. That might have something to do with the fact that he’s the clumsiest person in existence. Seriously, it’s almost like he’s really some huge, fearsome creature that’s been forced into a body way too small to fully house said awesomeness. Oh, wait, that just might be it. He does speak of regaining his original form from time to time. And it has something to do with Lilith’s old ride, the dragon Archimedes. While he tends to be rather private about romantic matters, and tends to also crush hard on those who will never be with him, he has no issue with letting things be. So despite his panic attacks, he’s actually great with loving from a distance, knowing that he doesn’t mean less. That’s pretty fucking amazing.

Archie’s a real joy, but his song is “Anxiety” by The Black Eyed Peas and Papa Roach.



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