Someone Like Me

So I’ve not been idle, even though I’ve had much less time to regularly updated this site. I’ve become a speaker/writer/social media person for Everyday Feminism, I’ve been dealing with health issues and…”family” issues, and just have generally been busting my ass getting set up for the arrival of my latest child and enjoying time with the one I have.

It has not been easy but I’ve had some fantastic people helping out along the way. The truth nature of some others was revealed as well and I swear not even the cuilverse is this goddamned weird.

Instead of dwelling on the pain of the past few months, the past few years, the past few decades, I’m moving on as always. Building up better and awesomer things. I can’t even tell you about all of the amazing projects I’m a part of or have in the works now but I will update you on a few things.

1. Cuil Scene and Chat Was Fucking Awesome!!!

I had the most amazing time with about 15 people in Sacramento. I was asked about Ayn Rand, why I started writing, and I was even given a shitload of pocky!!!!!! It was a super fun time and I met some fantastic people, several of whom I hope to see again when I come to speak to their groups. LLACE (the Lavender Library) is a great resource and safe space for the queer and the lost, and I highly recommend it if you’re ever in the area.

As far as first appearances go, it was so beautiful and perfect.

2. New posting schedule for Shadow in the Mirror

To account for the amount of time I’ll need updating Postmodern Woman, Everyday Feminism, my books, and parenting, I will aim to post here on SitM once or twice monthly. PMW has and is still undergoing some massive and rather exciting changes that I’m very sorry not to have shared yet on our Patreon.

The updates will consist of more Character and Song entries, Cuil Peeks, and other cool info about the cuilverse you won’t find anywhere else. I’ll still share the occasional science, sexuality, or health article but if you want to hear more regularly from me please check out my other social media: Twitter, Facebook, Intersectional Non-Monogamy, Tumblr.

3. New Author Crush


So I met this fantastic lady through INM and we’ve been geeking out on each other ever since. Our characters are eager to cross universes to meet one another. Like me, she considers them to be real people she’s intimately involved with. Though others may not count our meta-world relationships, the effects have left their mark on the both of us, and it’s been so so much fun being devious and conjuring up mischief.

Not only is Joelle’s content full of accurate BDSM, it’s also the most intersectional writing I’ve come across after all the thousands of books I’ve read. Her work is worthy of the cuilverse, and if I ever get Sinister Press up and running, I’ll steal her away from her mainstream press so that she can truly let all the delightful freaky queerness out to the world.

As far as soulmates go (I already have a creative soulmate, a “wife/lifemate”, and a trauma soulmate) she is my cuil soulmate. You might see some cuil crossovers in the future.

Speaking of which…

4. Current Books

I’ve mostly been working on Lilith’s story lately. And building the content for Aro Eros Arrows – the first and only intersectional book (in the upcoming INM series) on aromantic friendships, experiences, and resources – in my head. Which means writing it won’t take much actual time. I do love when books complete themselves in my head!

Anyway, so I plan on finishing those three books: All That Glitters, In the Time of Toba, and Aro Eros Arrows, before my birthday this year.

We’ll see if life and my health lets me stick to that schedule!

So, after all that, if you still remotely believe in me and want to support my work, have me come speak or teach you to write cuil and/or support me on Patreon. Remember, even if I’m not making noise here, it definitely doesn’t mean I’m idle! Thank you so much for sticking with me and reading along this far. ❤


3 thoughts on “Someone Like Me

  1. Thank you for following my blog, and I’m following yours as well. I’m a big reader of Everyday Feminism and I hope to include more of an intersectional approach in upcoming blog posts. Wishing you good health and I look forward to reading your work!

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  2. Thank you for contacting Spectrum Suite. I lived in Sacramento 🙂 I will email you likely next week. We will be organizing and selecting featured artists (lottery style, if many) starting in August. Keep up your great works!

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