Call for Submissions: “Nurturance Is…”

Do it! And check out the #cuilverse for examples of nurturance culture.

Dating Tips for the Feminist Man

Send us your ways to finish this sentence: “Nurturance Is…”

Dating Tips for the Feminist Man is accepting submissions for a series on your own personal experiences of masculine* nurturance culture.

Last week, the post “The Opposite of Rape Culture is Nurturance Culture” blew up on the net. The responses to the piece were global and astonishing; see the five most common responses here.

Responses streamed in from all over the world. But in all this talking about talking about masculine Nurturance Culture, we still haven’t gotten to figuring out the actual thing. How does masculine nurturance really look and feel?

We learn nurturance skills by being nurtured. This private nature of intimate nurturance means it can be hard for people to learn nurturance if they don’t have really nurturing models at home. Luckily, in this media-rich age, we can share our experiences with others and spread the wealth. What are the things you’ve learned about nurturance that you…

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