C & S #71: Belle’s Inn

It’s been in the family for generations, passed down from mother to daughter. The most recent owner of the Other’s Inn is none other than Mistress Belle, daughter to a woman more commonly known as Red Riding Hood.

It serves as a sanctuary for all Others, especially during the Dark Ages, in which many Others find themselves being hunted down. The ley lines running beneath the grounds are strongly tied into Belle’s bloodline, providing strong magicks to fuel her crusade to kill all werewolves.

Pardon me, I mean her crusade to offer amnesty to Others in need, especially during the zombie apocalypse.

The Inn is a rather important structure within the cuilverse, and the history of it and its capabilities are yet to be fully explored. Much like The Irresistible features many legendary and mythological figures whose tales have been warped and forgotten, there’s indeed more to the story of this tasteful safe haven in the French countryside.

So as I finish up All That Glitters, take a seat by the fire, enjoy the fragrances rising from Stiltskin’s pipe, and have one hell of a butler serve you coffee within the Others’ Inn.

Welcome to “My House”. Flo Rida got it just right with this one.

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