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What’s going on in the world? I awoke straight into pain today, enough to wreck my original plans for the day, all because of dumb ass regulations and unhelpful pharmacists. I can bear it; I’ve been through it before.

But then to discover 50 people were killed in Orlando, where a very dear friend of mine lives, and all because some fuckheads can’t handle their sexuality?

Equal my ass! We are not safe! Not if our skin, our dress, our beliefs, and/or our love is not the majority or the  sanctioned in this country. 50 lights snuffed out like that! Dear God! Laws won’t stop the unlawful. Ethics won’t deter the unethical. This kind of thing becomes the norm because the lawful and ethical stand aside, because they say nothing and let the hatred pass, because our rights and experiences are seen as “political” rather than a sign that the overall culture is ill.

You can’t blame this on mental illness. It’s not even about guns, though they certainly makes it easier to kill. It’s about what everyone lets slide, what they refuse to learn, who they fail to hold accountable.

This isn’t a random tragedy. It’s an inevitability of a sick culture built on the backs of the marginalized. It will keep happening until we all demand better and stop settling for anything less than self-sovereignty, accuracy in education, and individual expression and accountability.

Don’t let those cowards blend in with actually decent people. Hatred isn’t normal. Fear isn’t normal. Ignorance isn’t an excuse.

Rest in power, my pride. I will always demand better.

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