New Book Series!

So I’ve been taking some time to myself to mourn the lovers I lost over two years ago.
Offspring is the greatest show I’ve seen since Farscape. It’s the closest thing I’ve seen to people like myself and my family on TV and I fucking love it! But it’s definitely brought all of that sadness back to the surface. It made me realize that these past two and a half years have been ultra rough as shit and I have not had the time to mourn anything that’s happened! If you’ve been keeping up with my story, you know the half of the bullshit I’ve been through.
So I might be a bit scarce for a while.
But…I’m popping my head in to announce Riel Shancus will finally have his own book!
Or series. Anyway, you’ll get to see the Sex God of the scaroth vampire race actually do his job.
Is there such a thing as an aromantic scaroth?

It’ll be a story about his daughter, a half lycan-half scaroth who’s reluctant to give in to her romantic pull. Her best friend is what’s called a dreamweaver, and I’m not yet telling you what that is. Bwa ha ha!

I’m going to call it: Riel’s Scaroth Romance Academy Host Club!
If you don’t know who Riel is, check it out.
Also, you can get a free copy of the In the Time of Toba: Lilith script in about a month. But you have to do me a favor! Hee hee. For details, check the latest update on Patreon.

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