Why are Men Violent?

The #testosteronemyth

Sigh. I can’t even take a break. The world hates me so much. The judge wouldn’t even meet my eye because he knew these white-passing folk were lying. He heard about a fraction of the hardships I’ve faced in the last year, none of them of my own making. And then he decided to let them win anyway.

Disabled, Black, read as female, suddenly single parent, poor as shit, with a fucking newborn and a scarred 5 year-old, homeless until the forced c-section, with little to no family support, after broken ass promises and no actual legal reason given:

They evicted my “evil” ass. Instead of just giving us a rational, legal, or even our agreed upon amount of time.


This violence falls on me in the biggest way. Don’t believe me? Take a look at my articles on PMW and Cuil Effect and Everyday Feminism and Medium, find my personal posts in Intersectional Non-Monogamy, check out Life, Liberty,a and the Pursuit of Black People on YouTube. Ask me.

Ask me what the fuck I’ve ever done to “deserve” such violence.

Because that’s what it is. All of these hardships, assaults, ignorance, and ill intent conspire to end and erase my life.

I’m screaming.

Are you listening?

Will you help?

Will you let them kill me?

Free Radicals

Hint: It’s not testosterone.
by Alexis Takahashi


Many people think of violence and aggression as natural, biological aspects of being a man. But science paints a different picture about the origins of male aggression.

August 31, 2016

The mass shooting in Orlando was one of the most lethal mass shootings in American history, killing 49 people and injuring an additional 53. In the weeks that followed, our social media feeds were filled with #prayforpulse posts, calls for gun control, and analyses of our current institutionalized culture of homophobia. Some fixated on the fact that the shooter was Muslim and others spoke to the fact that the target was the queer community. What people talked less about was that the shooter – like 98% of all mass shooters – was a man.

When the headlines began filtering into my Facebook feed, I tried to scroll past, distance myself from the hurt…

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