The Four Faces of Postmodern Woman

Brief Update on the Bullshit of the day: Perjury resulted in my family being evicted. The judge was skeptical of them but refused to even meet my eye. So my Black life officially doesn’t matter.

But moving on to my work:

Crossposted From Postmodern Woman on Medium.

I am the Postmodern Punk, but depending on how you view me, I likely have one of four faces.

Lilith: The Gentleman Goddess

Lilith is my anima/us. The embodiment of wholeness, integrity, sensuality, and transformative power.

If you ever encounter her in the bedroom, you’d better be prepared!

Lilith will be your main contact for my sensitivity reading/diversity consult services. Brutally honest and with an eye for atomic precision; Lilith knows what’s what.

Michón: ze, she

Honest, open, bubbly, and passionate, she delights in being social and enjoys deep intellectual stimulation.

Michón is the Speaker, the Presenter, the Performer. Ze handles everything related to public or widespread content. This is who you’re more likely to meet at conferences, out in public, and at events.

Justified: no pronoun or zie

There is no grey. There is only Justified. Straightforward, uncompromising, and demanding, Justified is cleared for doing the work the others shouldn’t have to handle.

Justified is your accountability counselor, and there’s absolutely no wiggle room and no second chances.

Remember, the greater your privilege, the further you must tip the scales to regain equilibrium (that means, yes, you pay more if you’re more privileged).

Zackary: he

My passion, my hearts, my insatiable desire for that spark all combine into my persona best known as Zackary.

Zackary does most of the writing, researching, and flirting. If you’re interested in where you should start in the cuilverse, interested in applying to be part of Cuil’s Sinister Press, or are interested in who I am as a person, then Zack’s your guy.

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