“Give Me More Fantastic, Wonderful Jamais Vu”

I know it’s been a while, dears.

But you know me. Life continues to hand me lemons. 

But…hee hee hee. The cuilverse is growing! Cuil’s Sinister Press is gearing up to launch officially next year. Postmodern Woman is also undergoing transformation. And while you can mainly find my work specifically here, you can see the potential of CSP on Medium. There are some extra sneak peeks there.

Also, if you subscribe (buttons coming soon) then you’re directly helping to fund a marginalized, intersectional-run company featuring intersectional content. It doesn’t get much more Cuil than that!

I’ve also been working on In the Time of Toba, so get ready to meet Lilith soon. If you want to get access to the play and other goodies, then ask me how to subscribe!

But in the meantime, check out my old stuff on Medium. It’s a riot!

“Give Me More Fantastic, Wonderful Jamais Vu” @neal_michon https://medium.com/postmodern-woman/give-me-more-fantastic-wonderful-jamais-vu-38633950dd0

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