Presentation List | Postmodern Woman

Let me cuil things up at your event, class, or convention.

Hire me to speak or lead a workshop at your university, convention, or business.
Please do note that, considering my disabilities, my parenthood, and as these times have become even more dangerous for people like me, I have access needs that will have to be discussed prior to my attendance.
List of courses (including but not limited to):
*The Metanoia Package:
-Unraveling Abuse Culture

-Riel’s Sensuality and Trauma Education

-Contextual Consent
*The Media Package:
-How to Write Cuil
*The Unveiling Pacakage:
-The Forgotten Queers

-Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Black People

-The Invisibility of Disability
*The Relationship Package:
-Aro Eros Arrows

-The Expanded Sexual Spectrum

-Intersectional Non-Monogamy

-Woke Kinksters
*The Privilege Pacakage:
-Parental/Caregiver Privilege

-Ally In Action

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