C & S #72: Verona Ashton

I know I haven’t done one of these in a while. If you follow me on Medium or in Intersectional Non-Monogamy, you’ll understand why.

But I’m happy to say Cuil Press is inexorably drawing closer to incorporation date and I’m fucking excited! There’s also AMaP coming together.

So…while I remember to do this, here’s some info about Verona, the one Mark Ashton left behind.

They started out as a great match, both organically and for the purposes of keeping the Ashton clan’s powerful bloodline pure. They loved one another fiercely and dearly but then that bitch returned. It was actually okay and they had Aeryn’s blessing to marry (a rare thing indeed) but then…she was murdered and Mark fell apart.

Verona had her children killed off and subsequently lost all trust in Mark. But she endured. Awaiting the return of her most precious queen once again. Because she was all that mattered.

You can see her drifting in and out of The Allison Dutch and The Representative series.

Her song is “Jar of Hearts” and of course it’s about Mark because that was really fucked up, dude!

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