Cuil Layout: On Fictional Fictions and Race

No one is “white” in the cuilverse, unless they die and/or are evil. People are referred to by their actual heritage if they’re pasty.

Non-POC Europeans (the closest identifier to “white” as currently understood that the cuilverse gets) are generally referred to as the ones that fucked up Earth so bad the goddes lost interest and abandoned the project.

There’s constant discussion of racism, but only the experience of it and not whiteness. Matter of fact, I think the only brief mention of whiteness as we know it is when a character calls some racist a cracker or when referring to Neanderthals.

Additionally, there are no “white” humans in the cuilverse. They’re all Others or aliens-if they exist at all-and just so happen to fall into or most resemble a category of human we’d call “white”.

Lineage is a huge, huge thing and history is told more accurately; ie that Black folks, Black femmes, are the source of everyone and all creatures.

The palest person is the most evil and toxic. And what’s done by him very clearly is white supremacy but is never referred to as such.

And Lilith’s book specifically, deliberately, only deals with Black humans and aliens and goddes, and is intended to be cast by only Black people of any region.

The shortened author’s note for Lilith:

“Note: All early humans are Black, regardless of how melanated or non-melanated they appear. Later on, some humans may appear most similar to modern peoples of various Asians and Americans of indigenous descent, with several lightly-melanated people living in many places. No matter what, though, unless explicitly stated in in the story – and in modern, alternate, or future timelines – all people, regardless of level of melanin, are Black. Additionally, while some goddes, angels, Others, and humanoid aliens may appear to be white, they are not. Black is everything, we come in more varied forms than any other peoples, and we are all born of that most sacred obdsidian source.”

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