In Response to An Anonymous Message

This anonymous dude fa real said *I’m privileged but I don’t see the benefit* like our justified emotional response to genocide, horror, and other traumas untold is just oh so inconvenient. The caudacity to admit to wilful ignorance and obtuseness yet still demand an answer that makes you feel comfortable about SOMEONE ELSE’S RATIONAL RESPONSE TO TRAUMA!

“And at the end of the day all of his hate filled idiocy works in your favor.

If you feel this is an error check the history. Look at the reaction when black folks began to prosper at any point after the Civil War. Go ahead, Google race riots in America and check the instigator. You can even look up what happened right here, on the Square in downtown Springfield MO.”

“Ask yourself what was the gain for white America in the destruction of Black Wall Street? What was the gain for the forced corporate takover of black owned businesses in Bexar County, Texas? The legacy of lynching, convict leasing, housing experimentation (projects?), and the spread of an Almighty white God? So when you ask me what’s to be gained, I’m shocked. We’re merely adapting to the same methods used to pacify us since our foremothers and fathers came here.”

“Fucking right, I am angry. All the time. Every moment. Because I have to leave home knowing every day that I might not make it back. I have to sit at work and listen to randos disparage anyone who isn’t them. I have to listen to nerdbros whine about Jason Mamoa playing Arthur Curry, their dismay due to the minute increase of representation in video games and how uppity black women are. I have to look at my children in shame and know that all my rage still isn’t enough and that they will have to fight your sons and daughters for a fair place in this world. I stay ready to beat the brakes off a racist, well actually boy or fresh dressed, casual leftist. I’ve been ready to die since the day I was born.”

Confessions of an Urban Shaman

Out of curiosity I signed up for an anonymous messaging service in order to give people an opportunity to dish out critique, praise and even hatred that they didn’t care to express in person or on my public page.

I honestly didn’t expect such an outpouring of love and support. Honestly I expected crickets. After all I’m not internet famous. I did get one message in particular that stuck with me all morning, merely because only FB friends can send these anonymous notes.

So I spent the morning wondering who it was. I only have about 8 white male FB friends, after heavy vetting and research into their backgrounds. Then I decided it didn’t matter Who it was. What was said is such a common reaction to the work me and mine put in, minus the standard issue vitriol and rancor. So here is my response to that dude and…

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