Update on Patreon, FB, and Exclusive Content

My pages will likely still remain active on FB, but…

For folks that want to keep up with my work as I make my transitions off fb, Patreon, and perhaps even Medium, there are a few things:

1. I will shift my groups off of FB and archive them. I will provide links to the new group site. They will operate a bit differently, and I will also be able to create Black-only versions as well.

2. I am already burning out on trying to put this all together in a meaningful way. I have an enormous amount of content, and a ton of new content, and until I am more familiar with the new space things will have a really funky and delayed organization. Halp!!!

I will need a volunteer or a few to:

A. Help me navigate the site to be sure I’m setting things up in accessible ways.

B. Someone who can help me port all of my content from various platforms, either technically or literally.

C. Folks interested in modding and maintaining the communities.

D. Stuff I’m sure I’m forgetting.

3. The payment stuff is really weird and obnoxious and I hate Apple more than ever because they’ll be the main ones making it more difficult. It will take several months, it seems, but I WILL be able to set up a reparationally-based pay scale. But I’ll need folks’ help as far as making sure the folks who want to be in are able to. I’m still working out details because the process is complicated (thanks, Apple!)

4. Until I’ve managed to set up everything in a satisfactory way, I’ll be stuck using Patreon, so please don’t stop your pledges yet. Or, if you do go ahead and sign up with the new site, please let me know what amount you can subscribe for, so that I can make sure I set you at the right level (right now we can only set one pay level at a time, and each time we add a new one, the old ones are hidden. Annoying!!!!!).

Basically, for every person that joins, I will have to personally talk with you so that we get you on the right subscription plan. It’ll take a while to get everyone in, but it’ll be so fucking worth it to have everything in one place!

Also, yes, if someone can help with this, with getting folks in and ensuring the process goes smoothly, that’d be tops.

4. This will also enable me to launch projects like #SafetyNet and do webinars and more, but of course that really depends on you if any of this is going to be sustainable and work.

5. Because of the way it’s set up and the fact that I can set up that pay wall, trolls will be a nonissue (unless they pay me first!!!). So, some little kind of safety guaranteed. Obvi we’ll keep working on creating better.

I really hope this all makes some kind of sense; I’ll keep updating y’all with info. For now, you can take a peak at the construction going on. I’ll work as quickly as I can, but spears (credit: Joanna) are always in short supply.

Check out the Dragon’s skeleton here!

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