My Chronic Pain – “The other side of the opioid epidemic — we’re people in severe pain”

I think a lot of overdoses are accidental; when you’ve have no help and can only access certain things, you do the best you can with what you have. If needs were actually met (esp. physical, mental, and emotional; which are often the most distorted and forgotten), what gets labeled addiction will occur in lesser numbers.

Now, of course, folks only concentrate on opiods because nonBlack lives are at stake. Despite being in significant pain for nearly two decades, with no end in sight, docs have gone out of their way to NOT give me opioids.

I don’t know if they’re part of my ideal holistic plan; the point is that I’d never be given the chance. This is significant because of this statement pulled from the article:

“The Attorney General recently responded to the concerns of pain patients by telling them to “take a few Bufferin or something and go to bed.”

“His comment shows an astonishing misunderstanding of a condition whose quality of life index (QLI) is akin to that of late-stage cancer. Fifty million Americans suffer from severe or persistent pain, which twenty-five times more than those who misuse opioids.”

I’ve been very plainly talking and sharing my experience with #chronicpain (that, unlike the author, I will endure these illnesses for the duration of my significantly shortened life). But, again and again, I realize that most of you don’t really believe any of it, or fail to grasp the full weight of what it means.


And yet, I’m expected to still work like you want me to, expected to complete all muy chores in a timely manner, expected to consistently focus and make decisions, expected to live with the bare minimum yet to produce the maximum, and so much else.

At this point, I am more sure than ever that I am a damn miracle. My existence is already impossible; stats say I shouldn’t exist at all.

Sigh. And yet I have still done the impossible, maybe not what you’ve expected or what you think I should be capable of, but I have scraped and carved and wheezed my way along in spite of everything.

So, I ask for some fucking consideration like you grant to the ones these systems are built to protect and uplift. Because living at the bottom, hovering next to death, and giving my all with absolutely no gain is…tiresome.

I guarantee you others with chronic pain and who are multiply marginalized will feel much the same.

Who has access and quality of care? Who’s left to fend for ourselves? Who will be criminalized as they try to receive imperfect or inappropriate care (or appropriate care in an unapproved or mismanaged way)?

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