An Aro-Ace “Dating” Site?

Need a different of “dating” site? Check out The Metanoiac Portal’s space named after the book, #AroErosArrows!

The Standard of Care:

“hello, human, I care if you have a wonderful time. I will respect your person and your needs. I will not use you as just a masturbatory tool, even if we play at doing that. I will make sure you want to do what we’re doing, that you continue to want to do so as we’re doing it, and will provide any necessary aftercare if I am able and if you need it. I will not manipulate you into these acts, I will not shame you for them afterward, I will pay enough attention to you that I can read your yeses and maybes and nos, even if they’re not verbal. I will make an effort to please you, not to score points or to maintain some image, but because your pleasure matters and because your needs and desires are unique. You deserve to be treated with dignity, even if this moment is as long as we know one another.”

This site is subscription-based in order to cut down on trolls, to directly support Blacknonmen, and for the privacy of our members. If you are Black and/or impoverished, you can request sponsorship.

What you’ll get from supporting me

I create unique and intersectional content. I have unique expertise in a wide array of seemingly disparate areas, yet I manage to integrate it in some pretty fascinating ways.

I’m one hell of a bird, silly as anything, and love to synchronize all the facets of life.

You’ll receive access to my presentations, books, cuilness, so much more. You’ll get access to a community where friendship is nourished, where a Safety Net is built for those who most need it, and to structures within my sacred noeticsape.

It’ll be the cuilest thing you’ve ever witnessed!

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