Ready to Create the First Michón Con?

Ok. Seriously. It’s time to start planning the first #MichonCon!!!!!

What is a Michón Con?

“A con that’s accessible from the foundation up – in which the multiply marginalized are centered rather than afterthoughts, in which experiential experts are compensated more than inexperienced academia – a con of an entirely new kind; just as Cuil Fiction flipped literature, so Michon Cons will cons.”

“I’m tired of never making it through an entire conference or convention because of accessibility issues, which includes racism and classism. I’m bored with folks claiming to need and value my unique and varied expertise and experiences yet never actually showing that they do. I WILL keep creating and taking up space faster than it can be denied to me through onticide.

For the first time, the planning, the focus, the platform will be all about me. Ironically, this includes the concerns, needs, and affirmation of nearly every multiply marginalized population, because I am Black and damn near everything. I will create my #SafetyNet to support Black #nonmen, but I actually need one of my own first.

By actively supporting and engaging with me, you are changing the landscape for those of us most forgotten. I take care of everyone and my own, but my needs have always gone unmet in the most ridiculous ways.

What Will a Michón Con Entail?

My average minimum honorarium for each presentation is $6000. I currently have 14 (soon to be 15) presentations split into 5 packages. I want this to be an ongoing thing, so… if I did two or three Michón Cons (with three presentations on average) per year for no less than 15 grand and up to 20 or more (which is a steep discount for ongoing supporters and community; so a buy two, get one free situation, as consistency is my viability), I’d be pretty set.

Presentation List

There are always new angles within each topic to explore on an ongoing basis, and I’m sure I’ll discover/create other topics in the future. And of course folks who want extras like books or one-on-one time or one of my services can either be sponsored or purchase them at discounted rates (and get books signed and/or a few free questions and shit).

I’ll have a numbered set of slots open each quarter for the more involved extras, with 1/3 to 1/5 of those slots set aside for those who need sponsors, because the reparational business model I’ve created within Integrated Feminism actually means something to me.

What Can/Must You Do?

In order to make this sustainable, I have to actually be catered to. My disabilities, systemic barriers, and vision must actually be accounted for. All I should have to do is show up and be ME, fully and completely.

If you have funds: pitch in #reparations and compensation, sponsor a multiply marginalized person, help fundraise!! I’ll likely set up an indiegogo type thing (but not on that site); this shit will only happen if the minimum amount is raised. But if only the minimum amount is raised, y’all not doing it right).

If you have time: advertise, market, set up sessions.

If you have soul: send love, hold space, affirm me.

If you have skills: lend them so that there can be quizzes, giveaways, protection/resolution plans, and a schedule that energizes rather than kills me.

If I’ve changed your life or otherwise educated you: share that with anyone who will listen! Volunteer to introduce me or sing my praises at the Con.

What Will This Mean?

Can you imagine a world in which the wisdom comes straight from the source instead of secondhand? Can you imagine if we could just be? Do you want to combat the cultural gaslighting we’ve all been subjected to? Do you want your actions to have a tangible effect?

Believing Black nonmen includes trusting us and displaying that trust by: acknowledging the power imbalances, addressing intergenerational abuses, restoring our spaces and legacies, confronting and healing your own trauma, advocating for and paying direct reparations (not just financially, but in all aspects), and learning from (while compensating) us.

Are you excited? Cuz you have no idea yet how awesome it can be. Let’s build that together.”

Join the team at: Metanoiac Portal

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