Day of What, Now?


I need clients and funds. I have information. It’s valuable. It’s rare.

But it’s not in a package you’ve been taught to like so… crickets…

I’m too different in all the ways you were taught meant something awful.

You literally need to learn what I have to teach. You literally need me to hold space for your trauma and fear. You literally need me to enrich certain areas of your life no one else can.

But… I’m me, and you’ve been told I don’t exist. I’m me and every other me geta brutally murdered, usually by a lover or client who just couldn’t bear the burden of my existence. I’m me and you’ve been taught I’m evil or messed up or lazy or undeserving.

I’m me and you’re missing the point.

Do you know what I do? What I provide? Have you been paying attention?

I provide Trauma-Informed Intimacies and Kink Counseling, with focus on the multiply marginalized

I serve as a Sensitivity Editor for blogs, educational materials, books, and more

I write stories in the world’s only intersectional fiction category that I created #cuilfiction

I educate in individual sessions and as a Public Speaker on subjects like #intersex/#sexvariant conditions and experiences, #MetanoiacAlethiology #lgbtqia2s+ realities and sex ed (especially on the topics of #asexuality, #Asegi stories, #BlaQueer life, #aromanticism, and #disabilities), #HowToWriteCuil, #BlackHistory, #poverty, #emotionalliteracy, #invisibleillnesses, #nintersectionalnonmonogamy, and SO MUCH MORE (15 presentations/workshops) and counting)!!!!!

I am putting on an entirely new type of conference with #MichónCon.

I have created language that most of you now use.

I am available for hire to write scripts, essays, and books (but not according to Eurocentric publishing “standards”).

I can act, sing, and dance.

I pick up languages easily and will work to communicate with you in your first language.

I’m incredibly fucking funny, too, and compassionate as anything.

But…crickets. cuz I’m not in the package you expect. Cuz I’ve been poor all my life. Cuz I’m a gender you don’t recognize. Cuz my body doesn’t conform to a binary and is consistently inconsistent and reliably unreliable. Cuz I have more disabilities than fingers and toes. Cuz I maintain my Blackness under colonization. Cuz I don’t let #abuseculture in any form stand. Nope, not even if it’s #socialjusticebs.

Cuz I’m not like you…

My people have already been sold, repeatedly. Why do you still expect me to sell myself to you?

No, no, no. If you value my wisdom, you will ensure I am cared for, compensated, and receive as much quality as I’ve put out.

You may not value my life. But you will mor devalue my work by pretending pennies are enough.

#SmallBusinessSaturday, eh? Well, I’ve got plenty. A one-Mx-band, as no one says.

Still no #SafetyNet

All my services are sliding scale:

The Metanoiac Portal, #communitiesofcare and discounted or free services via

Postmodern Woman (Metanoiac Other), how me for Public Speaking gigs or private sessions through

Cuil Press, publish or find some rad ass books by those with lived experience on and

Michon Neal discover the full weirdness at

Fund Michón Con

Sliding scale tickets for Michon Con

Aro Eros Arrows book, buy directly from or pitch in to get someone a copy/sign up for a copy at

Sliding scale INM Course

#Cuilverse books

And I know I’m still forgetting some things. Shrug. Somebody comment if you know what I left out, please.

Now stop pretending you don’t know what it is I do.

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