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I have been a very bad girl. I have not yet set up links here for all of my works. Today, that changes. Below you will find links to all of my content, from my personal website to where to find my books. As I’ve noted elsewhere, my stories tend to read like lucid dreams and they incorporate as much of life as I can fit in. There’s also the fact that I literally put myself into them, but, ah, you’ll have to explore them to find out which one(s) and what I mean by that. My writing is very important to me and extremely personal. I’ve been writing since I was 12 and many of my stories detail my hard journey, my path to healing, and of course a good bit of humor and thought experiments. I don’t shy away from the more difficult topics and seek to cover as many of them as I can, often splitting them up across different series.

This first site is my personal website, Focus Forward. It is the business arm of a creative-based company for artists to advertise their works. I designed it all myself. There are services and goods for sale; feel free to peruse the pages. There is even a page for artists we like called People Leeping Forward. My personal section of the site is called Seriesen Services and there is even a book guide letting you know just how much work you’ll be doing reading all of my books. Unfortunately, literally half of the artists involved died. Relax, there were only four of us. Still, that’s very shitty luck. I’ve left their sections up as memorials. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to take them down.

Moving on to more pleasant topics, here is the entire Cuil Effect Project. For print books, see here and here.

While reading, if you develop some burning question please email or message me about it. You might just see your answer in the back of the next published work!

Michon Neal

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