Absent Opportunities

I do still plan to publish the next The Black Tree book. I’m also nearly done writing a book about Queen Aeryn’s grandparents. You’ll even get to learn why Jeffery and Mark never mentioned them. The Cuil Multiverse is ever growing and the story of Lilith is nearly fully formed in my head already. Eventually, […]

Integrated Living Series Part Two: Energy

It’s useful for me to think of the spirit, the soul, as being the sum total energy of a being. It is enough energy to last your entire lifespan (unless an accident cuts it short). Consciousness is the process that allows us to focus that energy for our survival. There are things in life that […]


So many implications. As Venter described the way that DNA, ribosomes, yeast, bacteria, and chemicals worked my mind lit on fire. Imagine the day where they can physically manipulate DNA, rNA, and everything else by standing in a digital cloud. It will be like the screens in Minority Report, except encompassing, with them waltzing through […]