Spoon-cise Offerings

Anybody wanna join me on Zoom for some very low impact virtual exercise today around 2pm EST? It’s just gonna be two Embodied healing practices, one at the beginning, one at the end, and some tai chi. No pressure to be perfect, as long as you’re moving, or even just breathing deeply, you are welcome […]

An Aro-Ace “Dating” Site?

Need a different of “dating” site? Check out The Metanoiac Portal’s space named after the book, #AroErosArrows! The Standard of Care: “hello, human, I care if you have a wonderful time. I will respect your person and your needs. I will not use you as just a masturbatory tool, even if we play at doing […]

My Chronic Pain – “The other side of the opioid epidemic — we’re people in severe pain”

I think a lot of overdoses are accidental; when you’ve have no help and can only access certain things, you do the best you can with what you have. If needs were actually met (esp. physical, mental, and emotional; which are often the most distorted and forgotten), what gets labeled addiction will occur in lesser […]

Choosing Your Departure Point in the Cuilverse

Also published on The Cuilverse Squeeeeeee! Ok. So the cuilverse has many entry points and where you may want to enter is unique to you and what you’d like to see/learn/experience first. While chronologically — in terms of written first — The Black Tree series comes first, the actual human story starts with In the Time of Toba (not […]