Cuil Scenes-Reach Out and Touch

People like free stuff, right? And people say that artists are definitely not in it for the money. Let’s face it; I’ll likely never gain the popularity of Twilight, Harry Potter, or Lord Byron. Still, I’d like my story(ies) to reach the weirdos it was meant for. Anyway, obviously don’t steal them and claim them as yours. I’ve already discussed elsewhere what happens when anyone appropriates content for their own gain. I’ve provided a few items for you to enjoy to introduce you properly to the cuil universe and my unique style of writing. There’s no fluff, there’s plenty of awkwardness, and I’ve experienced more of what’s in these pages than would seem possible. I would not recommend these books to kids (the irony that I wrote many of these stories as a teen is not lost on me). There may be triggering situations for people who have suffered trauma. I write with humor yet I also write about the very real pain surrounding certain issues. If you don’t like cussing-don’t read them. If you don’t like sex or other genders or sexualities-don’t read them. If you don’t have a sense of humor-for the love of Gangos don’t read them!

If you’ve ever felt invisible, please read. If you feel like you’re too weird to fit in, please enjoy. If you’d like to see new people and unusual situations featured in media, definitely read. I can’t guarantee you’ll like it. I’m not sure you’ll even understand it. All I can do is put it out there and let you see it for yourself. If anyone has as much fun and anguish reading them as I did writing them, well, that’s all I can really ask for. I will probably update this list as each series is published, adding scenes from each one. Here goes nothing!

The Cuil Effect:

This is the book guide for the cuilverse. It lays out most of the included books, both those written and those yet to be written. As more of each series becomes published and/or ready to publication I shall update this guide. And I’ll be honest, it’s pretty funny as well. Like no other book guide you’ve ever read, I promise!


This section is where I will add some of my favorite scenes. Many of them actually include Mark Ashton weirdly enough. They will be examples of my different writing styles. Each character has a unique viewpoint so I do my best to capture their voice in the way I write, which is why some books or points of view will be simple and others will be flowery and there are plenty that just seem to cuss every which way. I like the flexibility writing as different people brings. Of course, this strays from more traditional ways of writing that simply carry only the author’s style with a character’s voice. We’ll see if my way works out for me. Oh, each of these scenes will also give you a look into the minds of various characters and the nitty gritty of how they view things. They have different ideas of love, different perspectives on events that have or will happen, and their own problems and strengths. The reason I write the way I do is to show that perspectives are just that. They aren’t necessarily right or wrong; they’re simply human (or equivalent creature). They are unique ways to view and interact with reality. So take a peek below to get a feel for the many ways I write.

If you haven’t looked at the book guide, you probably should if you’d like more information about each series. You can even ask for scenes from a certain story or with a certain character and I’ll post it here for you. How does that sound?

And once more, if you do not like sex, or lgbtqiap+ people, or bdsm, or profanity, or polyamory, or humor, don’t read my work. All words you find posted here are copyrighted to me, so no stealing. :p

Series so far:

The Colds

The Representative

Twisted Jinx

Tragically Destined

All That Glitters

More Scenes Coming Soon!

*If you have any burning questions about characters, events, or even just where the hell I’m going with all of this, feel free to ask me. I might just publish your question and answer in one of the upcoming books!

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