Scenes From The Colds

The Colds Series

Aniella Brewster wants nothing more than to draw, spend time with her family, and maybe take over her mother’s tech company to create interactive, immersive comics. Instead she ends up as a cold, basically a slave for the ghost that lives in her home. In the wake of the tragic events of The Crash, she learns from a fellow cold about her new abilities and responsibilities and also navigates several relationships with old and new friends. That is, until the vampire uprising irrevocably alters life for everyone on Earth.



Who says consent can’t be sexy? Who thinks communication is always droll and useless? Most of the sex scenes I write have a clear purpose and they show all the myriad ways and reasons people connect (or in Queen Aeryn’s case, how to use sex as a badass weapon). In the series, The Colds, Ani explores novel ways of connecting to the men in her life, despite what would seem to be libido-crushing issues for some of them. I’ve included a scene for your reading pleasure: a little bit of play explaining how vampires communicate certain desires through touch. It’s normally a scaroth thing but some other vampires in her universe do it as well. This scene is taken from the second book in The Colds series: The Realms. Exciting stuff. This scene is a bit of a teaser; if you really want to see the language of touch in action, you’ll have to check out The Realms.


black beauty

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