Scenes From The Representative

The Representative Series


The Representative series follows the life of a young girl discovering the fantastic world of vampires, one powerful family with their hands in inter-species genetic projects and technological research, and transdimensional aliens who believe she may be their last link to Lilith, the mother of all monsters.
Desired and Proper is the second book in this series. Elessana is inducted into the Samson family and set up with a task. Meanwhile, Craig and Greg deal with their conflicted feelings about the family and what it means to be a part of it. They lead Elessana deeper into the family’s secrets and introduce her to some very familiar faces from Allison Dutch’s world. Her sexual adventures and knowledge of the history of Others expands as her spark for life is reignited. But there’s something happening behind the scenes. Someone is hunting her family for reasons unknown. Eventually, that will bring her face to face with creatures even more alien than the ones she’s encountered.

Unloved and Untamed is the first book about a young agendered female-bodied person with an undeveloped gift of premonition (as well as a spirit that possesses her from time to time) who hates her life and seeks something different.

Luckily, a young rich boy comes around and gives her the space to love herself. Another boy throws a wrench in her bourgeoning joy when he forces himself on her. While recovering, she meets the rich boy’s cousin, who slowly seduces her over the course of the next few weeks. She is then drawn deeper into the weird Samson family. Just what are they, what did they do to her attacker, and why are they so incredibly rich?


This is from the second book in The Representative series. There are a few other scenes from the series I’d like to include. Why so many? Well, Mark Ashton and his brother Joe are in it and there are just so many fun stories and experiences they go through. Um, but back to this scene in particular. Greg, one of the main characters, sits down with Mark to talk about what love means to him. It’s a touching bonding moment between two men who both love women in an unusual way.  Oh, yeah, and there’s some sex. Remember, sex is rarely just random in any of my stories; it means something different each time.



Here’s another scene from Desired and Proper. It’s Mark’s point of view. It’s quite fun because this scene kind of sums up a little of what Others do. It shows one part of the Promise they made for their longer lifespans. And it’s great for other reasons. I do want to place a trigger warning here for those who’ve experienced sexual trauma. What Mark does, how he hunts, is as a victim. It might bring up some thoughts of your own past, so please read with caution. But if you read to the end of the scene, you just might find something to smile about. I sometimes wish that this was the way we dealt with those who cannot listen, those who have no idea what consent is, those who ignore reality. Alas, we are left with less than perfect solutions. Until we have something better in the real world, just imagine this happening to those who’ve hurt you. And then get back on your feet and keep marching forward.


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