Scenes From Tragically Destined

Tragically Destined

Mark Blue Who is the first book in the Tragically Destined series. This story picks up right after Faces in the Mirror. Mark, Queen Aeryn, and the Author travel to the Hall of Mirrors with a pimping ass dragon named Archimedes (now why is that so familiar?) in order to discover Mark’s true origins and his ultimate destiny. I mean, yes, they kind of know already but this is the journey to find out how it all came to be and what it all truly means. Mark has grown a lot over the years yet can he let the Author go when her life in the real world has strange new developments? This is an ongoing series and the last book will mark the very end of the timeline for all universes. The first book has been written. The second one can’t be written until I finish writing Faces in the Mirror.

A. Michón

This is a scene between the Michón in the story and the character based on one of my partners. It comes near the end of a very long journey, yet shows that there is still so much left to explore. In a rare moment of openness, I (Michón) reveal to him (Travis) the state of mind I was in at that time. This book was written six years ago and marks the middle of my writing path. Travis and Michón are very different, and yet balance one another in a beautiful way. Though they seem to come from different worlds, they manage to be heading in the same direction. So, learn a little about the struggle and the strength in this scene.


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