Scenes From Twisted Jinx

Twisted Jinx

This series deals with the more personal experiences, dreams, and fears of the Author’s life. Knowing that certain aspects of herself and her history would forever set her apart from the rest of the world, Michon attempts to write stories in order to heal, in order to find answers, and in order to remain sane. Amidst a turbulent home life, a lack of resources, and various health issues that leave her wanting to commit suicide she writes to save her life. Determined to keep their Author alive, the characters from various series she’s written cross into the real world to assist her (or at the very least sleep with her). Michon can’t really decide whether they help or annoy her more. A lot of the characters have their own issues to deal with and it seems their journey across universes is more of a mixed blessing. Can they all truly come together and find that life is worth living? Will the Author finally be able to accept herself and face the world? Will she merely survive or will she find the fire she needs to thrive?

You Don’t Belong Here…

A few characters from the Black Tree series cross into the real world to console their Author in her time of distress. Life at home is tough and she’s just recently started writing stories to escape, to heal, and to work out her ideas about life. Can they manage to actually help her or will they simply drive her insane with their constant bickering and humongous appetites?

Not Like Them

The characters return with a few more of the BTS crew to assist their Author once again as she struggles with suicidal ideation and her burgeoning bisexuality. They have warned her away from one of them in particular because something has gone wrong. One of them isn’t who he says he is and they all struggle to figure out his origins before it’s too late.

A. Michon and Jean

I used to have an enormous problem with male anatomy. It took me years to get over it, to stop having nightmares, to stop being triggered every time I saw a penis. It was slow going recovering the part of myself that could appreciate and be aroused by the beauty of human bodies in all their forms. One of the things that helped was writing about it. I’ve been writing for 15 years and my stories provided the safe space to explore my relationships to all sorts of different kinds of people. And one of my characters played a very important role in helping me to see the male body for what it is. I learned to look past the hurt and the scars to recognize the human being behind the body. You can actually see my process throughout the cuilverse; you can watch me coming to terms with it and reclaiming lost ground. And that is a hell of a thing. Jean Claude was a big help to me and this scene, taken from You Don’t Belong Here…, shows my start down the path to always see the human first, no matter what.


You Don't Belong Here...

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