Spoon-cise Offerings

Anybody wanna join me on Zoom for some very low impact virtual exercise today around 2pm EST? It’s just gonna be two Embodied healing practices, one at the beginning, one at the end, and some tai chi. No pressure to be perfect, as long as you’re moving, or even just breathing deeply, you are welcome […]

Character and Song #74: The Z Seriesen

We mostly ever only hear about A Seriesens in the cuilverse, but in John’s series, Elegant Troubles, we are finally treated to another ship in the Seriesen style. Against a backdrop of universal destruction, the Z Seriesen, piloted by none other than Athena (yes, that Athena), searches for anyone still left alive. Eventually they hope […]

The Differences Between ‘Asexual’ and ‘Aromantic’ Matters — Here’s Why

Once upon a time, the term asexual served the purpose of covering anyone and everyone who didn’t feel so inclined to marry, to romance, to fuck. Homosexual, heterosexual, and asexual were the only labels worth mentioning, and covered all necessary categories. Or so we thought. And then along came my fabulous and ridiculously queer self, balancing on […]

Michón Con in the Works

I did a thing. Tee Hee Hee! #MichonCon is Coming!!! As promised, I’ve begun to take steps to set up the first ever Michon Con during my birthday season. A set number of tickets is for sale. I still need to do the following, which you’re all welcome to pitch in on if you have […]