Predators and Prey – Excerpt from You Don’t Belong Here

​Whenever  a  light  had been  shined on  me  in  the  past  it  had  never  been  a  good thing. All of  the  wrong  people  seemed to  be  the  only  ones  to  ever  pay  attention  to  me.  Even  now,  I still  feel anxious  around strangers  and acquaintances.  I  still deal with  that  hypervigilance  that comes  from  suffering […]

5 Bizarre Realities of Being a Man Who Was Raped by a Woman |

I’m very glad Cracked finally did an article on this topic. It reminded me that Mark Blue is one of these men. In the series about his childhood (one of the series I’m publishing this year), we learn about the many abuses he suffered while living with his crazy-ass family. We also learn about how […]

Song and Character Number Seventeen: Mitchell Jones Blue

This troublemaker is the twin of Mark Blue. That makes a lot of sense since they both love to raise hell. Mitchell sports chains hanging from his arms, a rough demeanor, blond hair, and the same black eyes as his brother. He aspires to be just like his abusive father; a wish that seems to […]