Character and Song #62: Lexius Holt

A brown-haired, grey-eyed, fluidly-moving gengi vampire. He was born in a female body but unlike scaroths gengi cannot change sex at will. It doesn’t bother Lex much, though. Actually, nothing really seems to bother him. He’s calm, magical (and not because he’s trans; it’s because he’s gengi and they tend to have witch-like powers, geez!), […]

Character and Song #47: Gregory Samson

Hee hee. This is one that tickles me. Greg is part of the industrious and mega-rich Samson family. They work on secret projects for the government and also carry out secret research on containers. Greg doesn’t like his family much due to the fact that the have pretty restrictive rules with potentially fatal consequences for […]

Character and Song #31: Mejir Dayner

Mejir is a container (mysterious creatures that function like white blood cells and cull populations, they can influence people’s moods, and most of them blend in with humans) and the son of Sam Dayner. He’s ridiculously smart, charming, and adores his adoptive mom. He’s also really, really into parkour. Though you won’t see too much […]

Smashwords Read an Ebook Week

The first two books in the Allison Dutch series and The Black Tree series are still free. Now every other book in each series is half off. “What a savings,” as the guy from Galaxy Quest once said. Anyway, it’s a good opportunity to catch up on each series so far. The last few Black […]