What is Cuil Fiction or the Cuilverse, Anyway?

What Exactly is Cuil Fiction? The name of integrated works that stem from The Black Tree series is called The Cuil Effect. Why? Because cuil theory is fantastic and absurdand yet still ties together just like life. Just as intersectional feminism acknowledges and branches out from the reality that systems of oppression, privilege, and power […]

Something for the Perverts

So while I wait for yet another surgery and hope to resolve only one of the several problems that’s been bothering me this year (please hope that it’s resolved!), I received some uber pervy news and I’d like to share before I’m drugged out of my mind/in an insane amount of pain/wishing I was just […]

Character and Song Number Nine: Clarence

Clarence is a creature of unknown origin who was sentenced by the gods to spend an eternity in the Prison of Deficit. He bides his time torturing any other character unfortunate enough to have been deleted. How he tortures them, however, will not be revealed just yet. Let’s just say Fallout Boy’s My Songs Know […]