Watch “Endometriosis” on YouTube

This is a fantastic visual of what’s going on inside the body when endo and PCOS strike. They go over some treatments as well. Right now I’m in line to have some of my nerves cut because of the pain. I’ve thankfully avoided having a hysterectomy so far. The doctors never told me why but […]

Carnegie Mellon Students Create Interactive Graphic Novel To Teach How To Stop Sexual Assault

I’ve begun playing through this interactive novel to test it for accuracy and realism. I’ve only been through two scenarios so far. Even though it may not cover every situation and also might be starting way too late (I think we should have something like this for younger kids as well; it starts early-it did […]

Can You Measure an Education? Can You Define Life’s Meaning? | The Creativity Post

The educational divide. I always detested the idea that children are empty shells to be filled with unintegrated facts. I was a high achiever academically but it meant next to nothing to me because my actual life sucked so bad. I drew into myself and began learning on my own. I find my own meaning […]