Character and Song #52: Zeitelia (Time Faerie)

Ah, the mysterious Faerie of Time. Zeitelia has the power to reset the timeline. She first appears in The Black Tree series but will also show up in All That Glitters with Piper, Stiltskin, Sebastian, and others yet to be revealed. That’s right. The mysterious series’ name has officially been revealed. Each member of the […]

Character and Song #34: Ripley Santo

This weirdo. Ripley just seems like your everyday shy, awkward Japanese boy (I am not implying all Japanese boys are shy or awkward, those are distinct descriptors that just happen to have presented in the same person). He falls into the Author’s universe in You Don’t Belong (not yet published, geez, be patient!), claiming he’s […]

Character and Song #30: Aniella Brewster

On to a happier character. Her story is actually more pleasant than most of the other characters. She grew up in a happy home, she’s not crazy, and she personally doesn’t experience anything too traumatic. Granted, there’s only one book in her series so far so who knows in what nefarious ways I’ll make her […]

No such thing as “normal”

Originally posted on days like crazy paving:
Let me tell you something about normality. Normal is a construct invented by the privileged to pathologise non-conformity. Normal is a reason to keep you out of a space because you’re too brown, too female, too queer, too trans, not binary enough, not able-bodied enough, not rich enough, not…

Smashwords Read an Ebook Week

The first two books in the Allison Dutch series and The Black Tree series are still free. Now every other book in each series is half off. “What a savings,” as the guy from Galaxy Quest once said. Anyway, it’s a good opportunity to catch up on each series so far. The last few Black […]