Character and Song Number Fifteen: Lombardi

Lombardi was the initial leader of the Black Tree crew. He trained them, raised them, and led them into battle. He is one of the strongest fighters and the protector of one alternate universe. He is a giant with blond hair and blue eyes. He’s also one of the only people who sees the deeper […]

Character and Song Number Fourteen: Razi Lachelle

Like Stuart Jalenais, Razi has no last name. She appears mysteriously to the A Seriesen crew and holds her secrets tightly to her chest. All that anyone really knows is that she really likes water, she can catch glimpses of the future, and seeing her vomit will give you nightmares. With aqua eyes and long […]

Character and Song Number Twelve: Mark Ashton

Here is anger. Here is pain. Here is a man whose every life is haunted by his greatest enemy: his wife. Mark is the reincarnated king who wed Queen Aeryn so long ago. Usually his life ends by her hand. In the Allison Dutch series he returns for one final chance to redeem himself, one […]

Universal Appeal

Lately, the voices in my head have been shouting, screaming, cajoling, and bickering. Since I’ve written very little this year while I concentrate on publishing each character has decided to pop up at inopportune moments to pester me about when I’ll visit them again. I tell them to shush to no avail; they come back […]

Character and Song Number Eleven: Soleceet

This is one of the special children. Not only was Soleceet strong enough to lure the Dark Faeries out of reach of Mardock’s (god of gods) influence but he is also able to save the entire Black Tree Universe. Which makes it such a shame he’s absolutely obsessed with finding his long-lost girlfriend. To follow […]

The Changing of Allison Dutch

I am in the process of reprinting my first two books and printing the last book (in this series, not period) for the first time. If you don’t know, I am the author of the Allison Dutch series. The first book is called The Changing of Allison Dutch and follows the start of Allie’s dark […]