Worrying About That Painful Lump On Your Breast?

Warning: You might see a nipple in the following shots. Thank goodness this isn’t Facebook. But this is important and since two of my cuts are near my nipple it behooves me to include it. It’s been a while. There’s a very good reason for that. I’ve been working, playing, and a bit high on […]

Watch “Endometriosis” on YouTube

This is a fantastic visual of what’s going on inside the body when endo and PCOS strike. They go over some treatments as well. Right now I’m in line to have some of my nerves cut because of the pain. I’ve thankfully avoided having a hysterectomy so far. The doctors never told me why but […]

Begin Again

I had yet another surgery yesterday. I think this makes it my sixth total. I’m recovering. I have to resume the daily trips in once more for dressing changes (and deal with the fresh, singeing pain all over again) but the thing about undergoing traumatic experiences is that you become more solid in the knowledge […]

Character and Song #34: Ripley Santo

This weirdo. Ripley just seems like your everyday shy, awkward Japanese boy (I am not implying all Japanese boys are shy or awkward, those are distinct descriptors that just happen to have presented in the same person). He falls into the Author’s universe in You Don’t Belong (not yet published, geez, be patient!), claiming he’s […]

Character and Song #29: Mark James Blue

Ah, here he is, finally. The darkest creature in all existence. Not literally, although there is a bit where he does indeed become probably the darkest thing in the universe. Spoilers. Mark Blue has two sides: the fun-loving, ever-pranking, constantly aroused, rough and tumble boy and the perpetually depressed, angry, and impossibly understanding soul. His […]

The Dark Side

This is some heavy shit. I do not post this lightly. I don’t need any nonsense spouted about this. It’s a hard topic with very little information available. I don’t recommend this for young or delicate eyes. Use discretion. There is no graphic language or anything but it is an incredibly difficult topic. Potential trigger […]