Can You Measure an Education? Can You Define Life’s Meaning? | The Creativity Post

The educational divide. I always detested the idea that children are empty shells to be filled with unintegrated facts. I was a high achiever academically but it meant next to nothing to me because my actual life sucked so bad. I drew into myself and began learning on my own. I find my own meaning […]


“I believe there’s a common ground in what all gifted writers write. It has to do with their wish to turn darkness into light.” ~ Mandy Patinkin -Entertainer I was given a little nugget of wisdom by a friend years ago that life must always be equal, and that when the sun comes up, it […]

Helpful Illusions

Our minds are constantly tricking us. They are filled with lies and distortions. Our memories are faulty, optical illusions fool us, and our vision (and other senses) can actually change depending on our beliefs. However, there is hope. In fact, many illusions are crucial to our ability to function. What if I told you there […]

Vision: Zooming In and Out on Reality

The human brain is set up to apprehend a physical world. Our senses measure distance and pressure. Yet when it comes to the mind apprehending itself, many can feel rather lost. Personally, I find visualization helpful. Every thought is a physical entity that I either move towards and build up or move away from and […]

An Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Mental Model

I’d like to establish a metaphor. It is my hope that it may help integrate some facets for someone out there. Is we think of our actions as the Executive Branch, our emotional state as the Legislative Branch, and the mind as the Judicial Branch, we can arrive at a way of operating that is […]

The Loudest Voice

Ever had a dark thought? A random thought? Ever just think of such horrible things? Do you sometimes wonder if your mind is actually under your control? If this happens more regularly than not, please seek help. Mental illness is no fun. I know, I have one. However, I’m not here to discuss that. I’m […]

Recycling and Consciousness

Everything repeats itself. Nature is made up of many cycles: seasons, fractals, the same patterns over and over. The simplest pattern is repetition and nature’s mastered it. Everything operates from little particle that are also waves. What is a wave but the flowing in and out of the same initial point? It is ironic that […]