The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers: Mayim Bialik

Neurons are my shiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt! Explosion. But seriously. Yeah, Brain and Mind Studies had me learning everything there is to know about how we think and how we feel and everything in between. And in my spare time I studied cosmology. Never really stopped learning about either, really. Or anything else that interests me. ❤ #alwayslearning […]

Scientists have built artificial neurons that fully mimic human brain cells – ScienceAlert

So I kind of lied. I love nerdy stuff, too. And this is the beginning of a beautiful breakthrough. It has implications for health, quality of life, and the author even thinks it could lead to artificial improvements to our brain power. That would all be pretty amazing. But first, they’ll need to shrink it. […]


So many implications. As Venter described the way that DNA, ribosomes, yeast, bacteria, and chemicals worked my mind lit on fire. Imagine the day where they can physically manipulate DNA, rNA, and everything else by standing in a digital cloud. It will be like the screens in Minority Report, except encompassing, with them waltzing through […]

Einstein’s Gift for Fantasy | The Creativity Post

This is pretty much my process. It is always wonderful to know your are not alone. I’m not Einstein, but my imagination is a living thing and I love figuring out how to make the impossible possible. Enjoy!

Bias Barrier

It is the job of science to expand the horizon of human knowledge to the very edge of the universe itself. It is the goal of science to explore every facet of the world around us in a way that makes sense. Armed with the tools of logic, reason, rationality, and imagination scientists of all […]