Character and Song #47: Gregory Samson

Hee hee. This is one that tickles me. Greg is part of the industrious and mega-rich Samson family. They work on secret projects for the government and also carry out secret research on containers. Greg doesn’t like his family much due to the fact that the have pretty restrictive rules with potentially fatal consequences for […]

Character and Song #34: Ripley Santo

This weirdo. Ripley just seems like your everyday shy, awkward Japanese boy (I am not implying all Japanese boys are shy or awkward, those are distinct descriptors that just happen to have presented in the same person). He falls into the Author’s universe in You Don’t Belong (not yet published, geez, be patient!), claiming he’s […]

Character and Song #32: Davis

Davis is pretty cool. He dresses like a punker/goth, sometimes dons ironic Hipster glasses, and is usually very calm and collected. He speaks quietly, thinks intensely, and is usually gentle. With black hair, green eyes, and a mixed ethnicity he understands Ani’s own mixed background quite well. He’s a cold and guides Aniella through her […]

Character and Song #30: Aniella Brewster

On to a happier character. Her story is actually more pleasant than most of the other characters. She grew up in a happy home, she’s not crazy, and she personally doesn’t experience anything too traumatic. Granted, there’s only one book in her series so far so who knows in what nefarious ways I’ll make her […]

Character and Song #27: Johnathan Reighlight

  Yeah, it’s a picture of a suit. Quite a dashing one, if I do say so myself. Imagine how delicious Johnathan Reightlight-the brown-haired, green-eyed, British-accented ambassador of Saturn-would look in this? Oh, yes! Poor John. His uncle was the designer of the A Seriesen and oddly enough can be spotted in several different series […]