Character and Song #22: Truth

You read that right. Although in this case the Truth isn’t so much here to set you free than to smack you dead in the face. Along with her merry crew…ha ha, ok, let’s be honest since we’re in the presence of the truth; along with her intimidating band of awkwardly named sidekicks, Truth hunts […]

Smashwords Read an Ebook Week

The first two books in the Allison Dutch series and The Black Tree series are still free. Now every other book in each series is half off. “What a savings,” as the guy from Galaxy Quest once said. Anyway, it’s a good opportunity to catch up on each series so far. The last few Black […]

Character and Song #21: Queen Aeryn

The queen of all vampires. The first logmin vampire. A vindictive bitch. With long black hair, piercing brown eyes, and caramel skin linking her to ancient Egypt, Queen Aeryn has appetites bigger than Earth. A good bit of her character is based on the lover I lost to death a few weeks ago. One of […]

The Black Tree Series Volume 5, Book Ten and Eleven: Caught in the Crossfire and The Three Talismans

The Black Tree Series Volume 5, Book Ten and Eleven: Caught in the Crossfire and The Three Talismans Caught in the Crossfire-Saje has decided to be put to sleep in order to save the life of the person who was murdered. The two strangers who changed everyone’s lives continue to run amok and the strange […]

Song and Character Number Eighteen: Marduk

Mikassa cradled the Combined talisman and strolled up to the great door. He held it up and touched the door with it. It dissolved into the material and the door swung open. Our nightmare began. Marduk slinked out in his snake form. He was enormous, stretching the entire length of the chamber. His eyes darted […]

Checking In and Planning Ahead

It has been a busy few weeks! I have started a new job, which is awesome. And as I’ve been healing my mind feels more like my own. I can actually translate my words into ink once more. I’ve been writing and  brainstorming and have so many wonderful ideas about how my stories connect with […]

Song and Character Number Seventeen: Mitchell Jones Blue

This troublemaker is the twin of Mark Blue. That makes a lot of sense since they both love to raise hell. Mitchell sports chains hanging from his arms, a rough demeanor, blond hair, and the same black eyes as his brother. He aspires to be just like his abusive father; a wish that seems to […]

Song and Character Number Sixteen: Mark Ulf

Mysterious and dark, this fallen Angel haunts the life of young Allison Mae as she grows into the formidable Queen Aeryn. Every once in a while he appears to her to offer guidance in the most depressing voice ever. The only problem is that their conversations occur out of order! No one knows where he’s […]