5 Things I Learned Committing A Campus Sexual Assault | Cracked.com

I’m glad they’re writing about this. We need better solutions and not empty rhetoric or punishment. Even as a survivor of more instances than I can remember I can understand this is so much more conplex and that the solution needs to dig deeper. It’s easy to be reactionary. But we won’t put a stop […]

5 Bizarre Realities of Being a Man Who Was Raped by a Woman | Cracked.com

I’m very glad Cracked finally did an article on this topic. It reminded me that Mark Blue is one of these men. In the series about his childhood (one of the series I’m publishing this year), we learn about the many abuses he suffered while living with his crazy-ass family. We also learn about how […]

Fighting Back

Trigger Warning: talk of rape, assault, and abuse below. If you’d rather read my happier stuff, wait a couple days and I’ll be back to posting about my characters and books. I simply needed to get this off my chest due to a wonderful, revealing, and barely traumatizing conversation I had with my current partner […]