Character and Song #21: Queen Aeryn

The queen of all vampires. The first logmin vampire. A vindictive bitch. With long black hair, piercing brown eyes, and caramel skin linking her to ancient Egypt, Queen Aeryn has appetites bigger than Earth. A good bit of her character is based on the lover I lost to death a few weeks ago. One of […]

Character and Song Number Twelve: Mark Ashton

Here is anger. Here is pain. Here is a man whose every life is haunted by his greatest enemy: his wife. Mark is the reincarnated king who wed Queen Aeryn so long ago. Usually his life ends by her hand. In the Allison Dutch series he returns for one final chance to redeem himself, one […]

Character and Song Number Seven: Donartez Caila

Donartez is the oldest living logmin vampire, entitling him to head seat of the Vampire Council (a bunch of old dullards that are the heads of the 42 oldest vampire families). He is of rather short stature, with jet black hair and eyes. Like Mark Ashton, he often wears vests and leather pants, although he […]

Character and Song Six: Jeffery Beale (Jean Claude Michel Dupont)

Jean Claude is the man Queen Aeryn left Mark Ashton for in the history of the Allison Dutch series. At first, there is much bad blood between Jean and Mark yet eventually they settle into a strained relationship. Jean spent time as a rock star before Queen Aeryn died the last time and Riel is […]

Character and Song Number Five: Stuart Jalenais

Stuart is the Black Tree version of Mark Ashton. They share a lot in common, from their looks to their personality. Mark Ashton’s clan may even be the source of all Jupiter vampires. Who knows; his family certainly sleeps around enough for that to be true. Although it is a mystery why Jupiter vampires are […]

Character and Song Number One: Riel

I’m not really going to introduce my characters in order. I’m just going to write about whoever I like the most that day. I want to start with Riel because he’s such a loud character. He is first introduced in The Life of Allison Dutch. He’s a blond, green-eyed scaroth vampire who meets Queen Aeryn […]